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Rocket® jBASE®

A world-class database management system and application environment

A scalable, performant DBMS in a small footprint with rich development features

Address your skills gap

Rocket® jBASE provides a unique native architecture allowing your applications to run natively on the operating system. Enhanced versatility allows your developers to program in C or BASIC, making it easy to fill the skills gap so you can hire and retain modern developers.

Simplify web development and modernization efforts

The jBASE architecture is designed to integrate with all application program interfaces (APIs) and backend databases, giving you the freedom to update your applications around your business needs.

jBASE Connect

Valuable features:

  • Connectivity: Fully utilize your MultiValue applications while leveraging new programming languages, popular SaaS-based applications, or Infrastructure services
  • Backup & Replication: Utilize native backup and replication utilities, Veeam, Commvault, or another off-the-shelf solution
  • Security & Compliance made easy with 256 AES encryption to all jBASE file types and indexes without changing your application

Provide a modern user experience. Using the latest and most popular development tools, add a modern user interface to give your employees and customers access to your application through the web and mobile devices.