Ensure 24x7 availability for MultiValue applications

Your systems need to be continuously available to meet the needs of your global customers, especially in high transaction sectors such as retail, financial services, and distribution. Manufacturing and distribution are continuous and global. Unplanned outages can disrupt your business in ways they would not have ten years ago. Even planned outages for scheduled maintenance or upgrades can turn into hours of lost system availability, lost productivity, and worse—lost revenue and even reputational damage. How do you achieve continuous, or near-continuous, availability of your critical business applications?

Avoid costly outages and reputational damage

Whether you're driven to deliver nonstop application and data availability by revenue, customer service, a global employee population, or other demands of a 24x7 business, we make it affordable and practical to deploy a HA/DR strategy that keeps data protected and recoverable in the event of the unexpected.

At the heart of the UniVerse and UniData HA/DR solution is highly efficient replication—even for large data volumes and long-distance replication to remote servers. You can pace the speed of delivery from the production server to match the ability of subscribing servers to absorb updates. You can also delay replication of data after an update, so if you’ve accidentally committed data to the database, you can prevent it from replicating. This feature is also useful for keeping malicious updates out of replicas. By tuning cross-group transactions, you can achieve significant performance gains when replicating large volumes of transaction data across multiple replication groups.

Rocket HA/DR native real-time replication offers protection that periodic backups or SAN replication can’t. You gain a fast, scalable, and highly-configurable way to deliver transaction updates plus file-, record-, and account-level operations performed on the primary server to one or more secondary servers. 

Add workloads without impacting performance

Users and senior management are demanding new capabilities, such as running Business Intelligence (BI) tools against UniVerse and UniData data, or using extraction tools to move data out of the database for analysis or processing. These requests often create new workloads for your UniVerse and UniData system that could impact production application performance.

Rocket UniVerse and UniData HA/DR replication gives you different ways to provide business users with the applications they need—while improving system availability. You can cost-effectively build a cluster by adding a second server for extraction jobs or BI. You can also use any subscribing server in a UniVerse and UniData replication system for reporting, allowing that workload to be offloaded from the primary server and delivered in read-only mode by the subscribing server. The production system won’t be impacted by these new loads, and you can continue to meet your SLAs while satisfying new user demands. 



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