What's New in UniVerse 12

The two themes that new features fall under are:

  • Accelerated transaction performance and query processing: The Rocket MultiValue Application Platform has always been efficient and inexpensive to operate, but Rocket® UniVerse® 12 is now better able to handle heavy workloads. Throughput increases help your critical applications handle extra loads during peak hours and seasonal spikes caused by things including online orders and banking transactions. The result is that UniVerse can help you drive incremental revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and increase your MultiValue application’s efficiency. Get more out of your MultiValue application than ever, even as your business grows.
  • Improved data integrity, reliability, and accessibility: Data integrity, reliability, accessibility have been improved so you can quickly and easily get your system up and running after outages and have confidence that every transaction is fully recorded. This helps ensure customer loyalty and mitigate lost revenue, and ensures your business is accurate and available. Improved accessibility also helps your organization expand its market potential.

Key Highlights

Accelerated transaction performance and query processing

  • Intelligent Queue Manager for replication updates recognizes when there are multiple updates in the queue for the same file. Rather than write each change to disk, only the most recent change is written, dramatically reducing processing time for better performance.
  • Field-level updates in the replication process benefit customers who use HA/DR, since only updated fields are written to replication logs instead of entire records. This saves system space by generating smaller replication files and reducing the amount of data being replicated between the publisher and subscriber. Since replication is faster and disk space usage is decreased, overall performance is greatly increased. This is most significant when you are processing large replication files.
  • Field Level Updates in your MV application result in improved performance. We’ve given you two ways to take advantage of Field Level Updates. You can simply set a parameter to automatically use Field Level Updates or you can refactor your existing code to use the new FIELDWRITE BASIC function.
  • Audit Logging Change Data Capture (CDC) captures changes at the individual field level (instead of at the record level), resulting in improved performance while also providing specifics of what data was changed by who (and when). CDC also helps with compliance reporting since it captures exactly what was changed, which many mandates require.

Improved data integrity, reliability, accessibility

  • Recoverable file system (RFS) maintains a persistent change log (journal), so when an unexpected outage takes place, the file system can quickly restore to the last complete transaction. RFS keeps track of files not yet committed to the disk in the event of a system crash or power failure and brings these systems back online quickly while reducing the risk of file corruption, completing your HA/DR strategy. Your customers will have confidence that they are working with a stable, secure company and will continue doing business with you.
  • Enhanced Auditing - Change Data Capture (CDC) shows you exactly what changed in the record, the original value, and what it was changed to. You’ll see a reduction in time, resources, and money spent complying with audit data requirements for regulations including PCI and HIPAA.
  • JSON Format for Retrieve, an extension of the standard query language, provides output from the UniVerse file structure in JSON format. JSON, a more universally accepted format, expands business opportunities by making MV data available to more applications and markets.

Want to upgrade?

If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Rocket UniVerse, you can find additional information and download the release on Rocket Business Connect (RBC).  

If you’d like to upgrade to UniVerse 12 but don’t have an active maintenance agreement, please contact your Rocket Software Account Executive to discuss options. If you don’t know your Account Executive or would want someone to contact you, please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.