Why Employees – Not Customers – Should Be at the Heart of Modernization

25 January 2022
By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software
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It may sound counterintuitive since most people associate modernization with technology, but the focus of any modernization effort needs to be people. Whether its employees, partners, or customers, organizations are determining how to modernize their operations—and people matter in the modernization process. But one audience takes priority – and that’s employees.

With key workflows modernized, employees can accomplish tasks more efficiently, increase productivity, have higher job satisfaction, and add more value to their organization

Let’s look at a couple of ways in which modernization enhances the employee experience and drives higher quality outcomes.

Reduce monotonous work for employees

Mainframes process huge volumes of information every month, and even minor dips in efficiency can compound into significant costs. Many of these transactions consist of repetitive and time-consuming actions that are still manually handled by employees using...Continue reading