No-Code Modernization 101

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Charles Jones
Senior Sales Engineer, Rocket Software
Minesh Manilal
Head of Integration, Platforms and DevOps Prolifics, Inc.

From Green Screens to a New Digital UX That Drives Efficiency and Automation

It’s no surprise that applications with poor usability hinder customer-facing employees and negatively impact your customer relationships. Many organizations find themselves struggling with applications on traditional platforms–mainframe, IBM i, AS/400–which still successfully underpin business operations but lack modern user interfaces and workflows.

Now, advances in no-code technology and APIs are accelerating modernization and allowing organizations to turn older green-screen applications into new digital web and mobile user experiences that improve employee productivity, enable automation and increase operational efficiency.

Repurpose existing legacy applications into new RESTful APIs in just hours Create new, modern web/mobile experiences for customer-facing employees that improve productivity and customer service Orchestrate new, more efficient workflows, that automate manual tasks to improve KPIs

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