Accelerate Digital Transformation Using APIs and Microservices

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In today’s dynamic and competitive marketplace, the ability to innovate quickly can determine success. Older, legacy IT systems are difficult and time-consuming to change, reducing your organization's ability to respond rapidly to digital disruption, new marketing opportunities, and an endless stream of other business change pressures. Microservices and APIs offer greater flexibility, helping you to deliver new applications to market faster, but how can you use those with old legacy?

Join our guest speaker, Forrester analyst Randy Heffner, and Rocket's Dan Magid for an in-depth look at APIs, microservices, and the immediate impact they can have to turn legacy applications into building blocks for new revenue-generating activities and digital customer experiences.

Learn how to:

  • Deliver new apps faster using microservices built from legacy applications
  • Respond faster to change using APIs and microservices to incorporate legacy systems into modern app architectures
  • Innovate faster using microservices and APIs to extend the value of your existing legacy transactions and data