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Expanding logistics capabilities for key product deliveries
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Getting necessary goods into the right hands is a coordinated effort that must be carefully managed. When processes run smoothly, products move seamlessly from manufacturing and production to warehouses and distribution centers, and finally to the end customer in an expected timeframe. When one or more of these elements is disrupted, the ripple effect could result in significant delays in delivering essential products.

As a third party logistics company that’s been in the business for more than 25 years, Taylored Fulfillment Services understands how crucial it is to remain flexible when designing solutions for their wholesale, retail, and direct to consumer clients. That’s why they provide fulfillment and distribution services that are highly customizable so that businesses can respond effectively to supply chain demands.

Technology is critical in enabling Taylored to develop flexible solutions for their clients, and any system that the company used had to be agile to suit their needs. This was especially true with one of Taylored’s warehouse management systems, which was limiting their ability to customize bills.


Rocket UniVerse was introduced within the company in 2000 by Taylored’s current CIO, Tom McCormack. As a long-time MultiValue developer, McCormack was able to incorporate pieces of the MultiValue system into Taylored’s offerings, which led to the creation of one of the company’s order management systems. Though there were plans to get rid of UniVerse and move forward with another management system, the company found limitations with billing after implementing the system that was not built on MV. “Because different customers, businesses, and products required bills that didn’t fit into a template, we started sending data from that system back to MV so that we could create better reporting and customized billing,” explains Andrea Dente, Taylored's Senior Director of IT, Integrations and Portal Technologies. “It didn’t matter which third-party app was being used in our warehouses. Somehow everything came back to our UniVerse system.”

Because of its flexibility, UniVerse became the core of Taylored’s applications.“Using Rocket UniVerse as the core to bring orders in and send them out to different warehouses was great,” says Dente. “It was flexible, and programs could be developed to really suit the needs of our company, which was transforming from a packaging service to a third party logistics provider.”

UniVerse has also allowed Taylored to support smaller clients that are growing quickly, especially in the e-commerce space. Most of this increased demand comes from the impact of the pandemic, but even before COVID-19, online sales were on the rise. Now, when physically shopping in stores is quickly becoming inconvenient and can even pose health risks, more retailers are bolstering their online presence as a path to move their businesses forward. Smaller businesses need a technological backbone to scale and meet e-commerce demands, which Taylored provides through UniVerse by extending shipping and fulfillment capabilities at a low cost. UniVerse doesn’t require large administrative or programming teams to implement or use it, which reduces costs and allows Taylored to bring customized solutions to clients sooner. UniVerse also supports many programming languages with a variety of interfaces. This makes it accessible and easy for a wide range of developers to use.

Triple Eight is a client that Taylored has supported throughout its successful growth. Since 1996, the protective sports gear company has expanded rapidly with new product lines and wider distribution, all while relying on Taylored’s logistics solutions. “As our product assortment and channel distribution has evolved over the years, Taylored has been with us every step of the way to support the corresponding growth,” said Bobby Oppenheim, President of Triple Eight. “From our core pick and pack business, to a significant case pack/EDI business, and now a fast-growing D2C business, Taylored has been able to handle our fulfillment needs seamlessly and efficiently.”

When it comes to delivering the right products to the right people on time, it’s critical that businesses can manage their distribution processes and remain agile to shifts in market demand. With highly customizable solutions supported by Rocket UniVerse and the MultiValue platform, Taylored helps its clients extend their logistics capabilities so that they’re always growing their businesses strategically, especially during times of crisis when global supply chains are truly tested.

“Rocket UniVerse and the MultiValue system has grown with Taylored, giving us the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs. When we turn to developing and selling new, innovative services, there is very little that we can’t do.”
Andrea Dente
Senior Director of IT
Integrations and Portal Technologies
Taylored Fulfillment Services