Rocket NetCure Enterprise

Automated 24x7 management of networks, servers, and applications

Enterprises can improve network performance but still have trouble managing services across traditional boundaries. Rocket® NetCure® software correlates events across boundaries for failure analysis, automated response and predictive performance metrics. It’s the only software offering adaptive correlation technology that can pinpoint root-cause failures in real time across OSS layers.

Correlation Without Borders

Cross-network correlation and analysis for fast, data-driven response

Rocket NetCure Enterprise supports discovery and management of virtual, mobile, and storage infrastructure. From routers to databases, IP telephones to Microsoft® Windows® services, Rocket NetCure is the only software offering adaptive correlation technology that can pinpoint root-cause failures in real time across OSS layers. 

Rocket NetCure Enterprise auto-discovers systems from Layer 2 to Layer 7 and monitors these systems for faults and performance metrics. NetCure models the network for auditing and management, and includes an interactive query language for finding network elements and generating reports. 

NetCure helps you always operate from a current-state view of your network by scheduling rediscoveries of all or part of the network to run and dynamically update the diagrams in the model. NetCure can even provide a centralized view of multiple networks with overlapping address spaces.

A complete picture of your Rocket U2 network and devices

Rocket NetCure Enterprise is the only network management system that's designed to be aware of Rocket U2 application and database management environments. Combined with Rocket UniData® or UniVerse, NetCure provides a level of security and control over these systems unavailable from any other software vendor.

NetCure finds applications, databases, services, processes and daemons interacting with the Rocket U2 environment. This means enterprises can track UniVerse or UniData databases and take corrective actions to keep applications running. Specific corrective actions can be designed and automated for various devices. 

Administrators can set a threshold and receive alerts via email or SMS when file systems are reaching capacity. The storage discovery functionality detects storage devices attached to enterprise servers as well as many SAN devices, and can detect VM host-to-guest relationships. NetCure Enterprise is massively scalable and supports the latest protocols and security standards, such as IPv6 and SNMP V3.


As your business grows, your network grows in size as well as complexity. You need a monitoring solution that can handle anything you throw at it.

The native 64-bit software architecture underpinning Rocket NetCure solutions supports both massive single-server and distributed multi-server deployment options. The intelligent high-speed event processing system can filter by repetition, threshold, frequency, and transiency.

Rocket NetCure Enterprise features

  • Patented high-speed, agentless multi-vendor L2-L7 autodiscovery and topology mapping software accurately models your network for auditing, management and visualization
  • Multiple deployment options support multiple networks with overlapping address spaces
  • Web-based GUI with powerful dashboarding features
  • Event filtering by threshold, by repetition, and by transience
  • Event correlation system pinpoints root cause failures
  • Automated action execution enables email and other notification, correction actions, or adaptive management policies
  • Support for latest protocols and security standards such as IPv6 and SNMP V3
  • Rule-based management policy configuration adapts to network changes without requiring configuration changes
  • Easy integration and extensibility via XML, SQL, web services, or Java APIs
  • Supports queries from SQL clients