Terminal Emulation

Empower your workforce with mobile access

Cost-effective, real-time access—from anywhere

Unchain your workforce with Rocket terminal emulation solutions. Rocket terminal emulation solutions provide quick and easy access to vital terminal-based applications from any device, quickly increasing productivity and customer satisfaction—at a fraction of the cost.

Experience secure terminal emulation anytime, anywhere, on any device.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Simple, secure mobile access to host-based systems

Freeing your users from fixed terminals gives them the flexibility to access your systems wherever they are. This mobility helps them be more efficient and deliver improved customer service; a boon to many organizations. For example:

  • Warehouse employees can be more productive when they gain the ability to check a pick list directly from a lift rather than a remote terminal.
  • Salespeople can check inventory, file an incident report, and answer customer questions directly from the sales floor, without having to leave a customer’s side to access a back-office application.
  • Regional sales managers can review results for multiple store locations from a home office or café, instead of only when on site.

Rocket terminal emulation solutions make it easy to access your systems from any device—at any time, from anywhere. Access is available from any web browser, with no software or plugins to install, or other components to download. Configuration and security are handled through a single, centralized server, eliminating the need for consumer-oriented app stores, and reducing your IT administrative and support overhead.