Terminal Emulation

Provide your users with an enhanced user experience

Faster access, similar look and feel, no disruptions

Some organizations feel there is so much risk involved with launching a new emulation solution, they limp along for years using older and obsolete technologies. Rocket solutions are designed to be easy to implement, easy to use, and highly customizable to support ever-changing business requirements—all while maintaining the functionality of your original in-place applications.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Easy to install, easy to use

With Rocket terminal emulation solutions, you don’t have to worry about disruption to the business. The Rocket client object is a one-time download, which is typically about 2.5 MB. That makes travel through a company’s network relatively unnoticeable. So regardless of where your users are or whether they’re using corporate or remote dial-up, downloading is simple and won’t interrupt operations. 

When migrating from another emulator, maintaining the look, feel, and behavior of your existing emulator is crucial. That’s why a key part of the conversion process includes pre-configuring the interface and navigation of the client to closely mimic your incumbent emulator, offering a smooth and transparent transition. We can even help apply “skins” that, to the user’s eye, look practically identical to what they’ve used for years, so the threat of deployment disrupting day-to-day work is minimized.

For those features that are unique to Rocket, training documents and online training sessions can be provided. In most cases, our customers find that very little training is necessary for users already familiar with the previous emulation software.