Storage Monitoring and Capacity Planning

Know what’s happening with your critical data assets

Reveal backup statuses and problems, provide custom dashboards and reports

The amount of data being created by businesses worldwide is exploding, which means there’s more data that needs to be backed up and archived on a regular basis. It’s important that IT departments have a strategy to handle this data, as well as tools that can help them automate backup, archive, and reporting processes.

Severgraph: No Missed Backups, No Surprises
Single screen monitoring across heterogeneous environments

With “single pane of glass” monitoring, Rocket® Archive and Backup solutions make it easy to understand what’s happening across your environment from a single view—even if your environment includes multiple locations and backup technologies. You can even set up custom reports and views by geography, business unit, server group, or other user-defined criteria.

Rocket Archive and Backup Management solutions also make meeting compliance requirements straightforward by providing a complete and readily-available audit trail that tracks all backup activities and processes.