Optimize mainframe performance and integrity

Understanding the health of your IBM® zSystems mainframe can be resource-intensive. It takes time and even special skills to view and analyze historical system behavior. And without the proper tools to access IBM zSystems/OS® information and help make sense of it, your organization may not fully identify areas for optimizing the performance and integrity of your mainframe. Missing an opportunity for optimization ultimately translates to higher operating costs.

Improve batch performance and lower operating costs

Data processing volumes on mainframes continue to grow. Users expect uninterrupted online access to their data, even as service-level agreements become increasingly stringent. Increasing expectations put greater pressure on batch windows—windows that require constant tuning from skilled mainframe admins to ensure all data is processed in a timely manner. Rocket® Performance Essential optimizes batch window processing without the need for manual tuning or application rewrites. Within hours of installing Performance Essential, you can decrease CPU and I/O resource consumption, increase application availability, and improve overall mainframe efficiency.

Performance Essential replaces inefficient, fragmented manual tuning and “IT gymnastics” (such as data mirroring for parallel access) with intelligent, automated, and integrated optimization that allows you to:

  • Meet the demands of digital transformation by reducing I/Os by up to 90%
  • Reduce batch processing time by up to 75%
  • Modernize enterprise applications with confidence
  • Reduce CPU costs and defer processor upgrades

Spend less time on manual reporting

Deciphering long pages of reports generated by mainframe monitoring and auditing applications is not only inefficient, but also time consuming and frustrating. Rocket® Mainstar® MXI automates and simplifies mainframe reporting so you can spend more time working on projects that help drive new business. You get instant access to critical information about your active z/OS system in an easy-to-read and understandable format, making monitoring and auditing processes faster, efficient and far more effective. MXI notifies you when exceptional events occur and issues automatic responses, so you can respond faster and isolate and address trouble spots before they affect performance and critical applications. Dedicated plugins even provide easy access to a range of information about Db2 subsystems, CICS regions, and MQ subsystems.

Manage and protect ICF catalogs–without impacting business applications

ICF catalogs are the key control structures that provide access to business-critical data, and ensuring their integrity and availability is a concern of any mainframe admin. Rocket® Mainstar® Catalog RecoveryPlus (CR+) provides an easy-to-use, flexible way to centrally manage and protect ICF catalogs–without impacting business applications. It provides the powerful features you need for easy, effective ICF catalog management and safe, reliable backup and recovery. 

Application downtime can cost millions of dollars per hour or more. Mainstar CR+ dramatically reduces the financial impact of catalog outages by reducing the risk of failure, increasing the speed of recovery, and improving productivity through ease of use and enhanced functionality. With Mainstar CR+, you can easily:

  • Eliminate or reduce single points of failure
  • Protect against loss of access to data
  • Recover access to business-critical information rapidly and reliably
  • Centrally manage all ICF catalogs
  • Support business resiliency initiatives
  • Comply with government and industry regulations

Ensure data integrity with fast, accurate metadata audits

In the typical mainframe environment, DFSMShsm manages hundreds of thousands to millions of data assets. Using Rocket® Mainstar® FastAudit, you can use quick audits to manage your DFSMS and DFSMShsm environment proactively. You'll complete audits in minutes (not hours or days) and perform them without any negative effect on the DFSMShsm environment. Need to reduce the learning curve for new admins? Mainstar FastAudit helps you run audit reports that are organized and easy to interpret, and helps you understand the audits that you need to run in order to resolve reported errors. Avoid wasting time by researching reported errors that occur when migration or recall activity takes place while the AUDIT command runs, and ensure that you get the desired results by knowing exactly what a corrective action will do before you run it.

Mainstar FastAudit uses point-in-time extract files to increase the accuracy and speed of audits, so you can keep track of the health of your metadata structures. It provides total control over audits and priorities, making it easier to pioritize the auditing of business-critical data. You get the flexibility to audit exactly what you want, and you can design audits that fit your unique environment. Mainstar FastAudit also ensures that automatic corrective actions are not occurring because of human error or because of an unusually high number of errors, helping you perform audits with confidence.


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