Keep mainframe data safe and secure

Data has been called “the new oil” of the digital age. For many organizations, digital transformation projects represent an opportunity to make better use of their data, and these projects are driving an increased need for secure access to it.

Some of the world’s most valuable data resides on IBM® zSystems mainframes, and it’s crucial for organizations running mainframes to protect that data from loss as both its importance and access demands increase. Any organization can be affected by data loss and system outages. For a mainframe-based organization to keep their data safe and accessible, they need to manage their environment proactively with up-to-date system insights at their fingertips.

Protect mainframe catalogs and data

Even with the current pace of innovation, for some organizations disaster recovery is still a largely manual process that starts with identifying the data they need to protect. Rocket data protection solutions for mainframe help keep the mainframe data and metadata these organizations depend on safe from harm.

Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor helps automate DASD backups, so that mainframe backup teams can improve both backup and recovery success rates. Customers can increase staff availability by eliminating manual backups and reporting, shorten back up windows significantly, and reduce media handling and vault storage costs by stacking full volumes on high-capacity media.

Rocket® Catalog RecoveryPlus helps to protect the ICF catalog—the metadata that ensures mainframe data can be located and accessed. Speed and simplicity matter when it comes to backups. Administrators need tools to simplify backup management, accelerate backup performance to ensure the window for data loss is minimal, and deliver rapid restoration to get back up and running quickly. Rocket Catalog RecoveryPlus addresses all of these needs with rapid performance and user-friendly administration tools.

Rocket® Virtual Data Recovery helps maximize the ROI of virtual tape. Mainframe customers can minimize the expense of vaulted media and handling costs by stacking tape libraries on high-density media.

Automate manual backup and recovery processes

Manual backup and recovery processes pose a huge risk to business continuity. They're time-intensive, error-prone, and prevent skilled IT staff from focusing on other projects. Rocket solutions automate manual processes, making backups more reliable and recovery more immediate. They also ensure all relevant data volumes are automatically and properly incorporated into backup and recovery processes. Wirth Rocket solutions you get easy, flexible data recovery, comprehensive forecasting reports that enable fine tuning, and the ability to automate point-in-time data replication products.

Rocket Virtual Data Recovery helps improve recovery time with the ability to recover data directly from native tape to DASD, and helps administrators meet recovery priorities by stacking data sets with similar expiration time together.

Rocket DR/Xpert provides comprehensive disaster recovery automation and security for critical application DR needs. DR/Xpert helps improve storage and admin productivity by automating manual backup and recovery processes. Decrease the time to data restore by eliminating the need for onsite recovery experts. Ensure the integrity of your backup data and eliminate the need for piecing together "fuzzy" backups.

Ensure business continuity with proactive mainframe storage management

For most mainframe customers, DFSMShsm (HSM) manages hundreds of thousands—even millions—of data assets. To ensure the availability of these assets requires daily analysis. HSM administrators want important information about HSM functions presented in a straightforward, interactive format in order to be productive and stay on top of the system.

Rocket Mainstar® HSM Reporter/Manager puts accurate, up-to-date system information at the HSM administrator’s fingertips, so he or she can manage the HSM environment proactively. It’s so easy to use, it can even help minimize the learning curve for new HSM administrators. HSM managers get one-stop reporting, administration, and tuning to make them more productive. And HSM Reporter/Manager helps reduce costs and ensure business continuity by identifying and correcting storage errors before they impact the business.


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