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Hacking a Mainframe in Less than 30 Minutes

Heidi Losee

December 18, 2020

Mainframes process billions of sensitive transactions every day, from credit card payments to healthcare information to public records.

But mainframe security has been neglected over the years, with organizations focused on perimeter security.

A single mainframe code vulnerability, if exploited, can allow a hacker to bypass security controls, corrupt your system, and cover their tracks.

Key Resources recognizes this threat. We help organizations in finance, healthcare, government and beyond protect their most important IT systems, with zero-day threat detection, incident response, and compliance tracking.

In this demo, we’ll exploit a vulnerability that was found in a program running in z/OS. This kind of program could be running on your system right now.

We’ll demonstrate how a hacker, with no authorized access, can use a common script to take advantage of a vulnerability, escalate their authority, bypass security controls, and edit corporate payroll data.