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Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor

Ensure mainframe data volumes are incorporated in your backup and recovery

Leverage flexible data recovery, forecast reports for fine tuning, and automated point-in-time data replication

Automate DASD Backup and Recovery

Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor automates direct-access storage device (DASD) backup and recovery to simplify recovery of individual data sets (including VSAM data sets) from DFDSS or FDR DASD backups.

Reduce backup and recovery time

Optimize restore jobs, minimizing the number of required tape mounts and repositioning commands to dramatically reduce recovery times by minimizing additional steps and excessive overhead in the backup process.

Simple, smart, efficient

Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor software provides complete data protection assurance for IBM® z/OS® environments by ensuring all relevant data volumes are automatically and properly incorporated into backup and recovery processes. You get easy, flexible data recovery, comprehensive forecasting reports that enable fine tuning, and the ability to automate point-in-time data replication products.

In addition to simple, smart, efficient automated direct access storage device backup, Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor provides granular recovery of one or more data sets as opposed to full-volume-only. It offers added levels of protection with the ability to create and recover from up to four duplexed backup copies. DBS also maintains several cycles of backups, any of which can be used in the recovery process by specifying the backup creation date/time or using the relative backup number.

DBS generates fully automated recovery jobs to be shipped off-site with the backup tapes, or recovery jobs can be created automatically at the recovery site. Restore jobs created with DBS do not require the system catalog or an active tape management system, making DBS the ideal choice for initial DASD restores in a disaster recovery test or after an actual disaster.

Rocket® DASD Backup Supervisor also applies mainframe D/R principles to open systems. By treating Linux and z/VM volumes as native z/OS volumes, DBS eliminates the need to use open systems full-volume backup and recovery tools.

DBS creates a z/VM and/or Linux volume list and continuously audits direct access storage devices to ensure that all volumes that are necessary to the recovery process are backed up. At recovery time, DBS automatically restores the volumes so that they are ready for mounting.