Rocket SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA)

Open Up Your Options

System Builder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA) lets you rapidly build robust business solutions. With SB/XA, you focus on modeling your business logic using high-level Tool and Process Definitions. Once you define your business rules, defaults and data validations, you can re-use them to bring consistency across your application.


Pick your style

Choose the presentation that best fits the task, using the SB/XA Designer to easily lay out your screen and apply default styling for mandatory fields, intuitive help, Outlook-style menus, and more.



Take the controls

Extend the standard controls included in SB/XA with your choice of third-party .NET controls, or develop your own custom control to customize the look of your application with no need to change the business logic underneath.



Share at the office

Report out your data in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, or XML Paper Specification formats and integrate your application with Microsoft Outlook calendars and appointments.



Show your smarts

Leverage the Rocket Business intelligence suite to provide world class reporting and interactive dashboards as part of your SB/XA solution to present critical data to empower users to make the right decisions at the right time.



Secure your data

Authenticate just once, using Windows, SB/XA or domain-level authentication for access to client, middle tier, and application server systems. Secure data and processes at the group, user, process, or data field levels.


Accessing MultiValue data just got easier with CorVu U2 Native Interface

This interface allows the rapid assembly of queries through an intuitive U2-centric UI. Native access to U2 dictionary items allow developers to browse and select from existing field definitions or leverage existing processes and expressions defined in field definitions and consume existing System Builder or Smart Queries inside CorVu. Discover more