Rocket SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA)

Learn about Rocket SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA)

Rocket SystemBuilder Extensible Architecture (SB/XA), the most current evolution of SB+, is a tool for rapidly building robust business solutions. It simplifies the development of applications by offering both a standard format to follow when you write code as well as shortcuts where SB/XA produces the code based on your selections. Consistency and structure in development code encourages its reuse, thereby reducing additional programming time and efforts to develop software. Cost of ownership becomes lower, and enhancements to and supportability of the software become easier. SB/XA lets you choose the best interface to present to your users, whether it is character-based, graphical, or even over the web, without having to make any changes to your application. It is being used by almost 200,000 users world-wide to deliver best-in-class solutions in a variety of industries.

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