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Thousands of organizations around the globe depend on Rocket to leverage, optimize, and transform their business across technology boundaries and computing platforms.

The Rocket Story

Thought Leadership @ Rocket.

Rocket Mobile is a platform, not a product…
Rocket Mobile goes way beyond simply helping users create great user experiences. It provides a soup-to-nuts platform for managing your mobilization efforts
- Dan Magid, Chief Technologist, IBM i Solutions
Making the CEO to CIO connection
With IT moving to the front office and becoming central to every aspect of today’s businesses, it’s essential for the CIO and CEO to have a common plan of action…
- Jay Leader, SVP, Chief Information Officer
When mobile and mainframes mix, the results are spectacular
Customers and employees expect information or services from your company to be accessible on their personal devices at any time of day.
- Bryan Smith, VP, R&D and Chief Technology Officer
Rocket at 26
Is the Rocket of today what you envisioned when you started the company 26 years ago? This is the #1 question people ask me when I tell them the story of Rocket.
- Andy Youniss, President and CEO