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The Rocket Story

Thought Leadership @ Rocket.

The skills myth: Do complex mainframe computers really make it hard to find programmers?
There is a myth that companies need to move away from mainframe computers because the skills needed to operate and maintain...
- Bryan Smith, CTO & VP of R&D
The Future of Search
By 2020, enterprise search will have evolved from being your personal assistant to being your personal advisor.
- Bob Potter, SVP BI/A, and Gary Mumford, Business Area Executive
Mobile app development: are you tuned in to the right channel?
Customers and employees expect information or services from your company to be accessible on their personal devices at any time of day.
- Jeroen van Dun, Manager of Software Engineering
The value of being contrarian
Going against conventional wisdom has been one of the keys to Rocket’s success. Here are five contrarian decisions that we made that proved to be impactful, and that define who we are.
- Andy Youniss, President and CEO