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Rocket Data/Shadow

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Rocket Shadow Becomes Rocket Data
A new name that aligns with our focus - Data. Mainframe, Big Data, data virtualization.
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A single, unified platform
Connect to anything on the mainframe to simplify and reduce cost
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Eliminate information roadblocks
A single, unified platform to connect to anything on the mainframe
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A single, ubiquitous API
Universal mainframe access for SQL to SOAP and COBOL
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Unlock mainframe data
Transform. Integrate. Exploit.

Brand Page Blocks

Whitepaper: The Value of Supplanting ETL with Data Virtualization for Mainframe

Gaining an enterprise view of your business critical mainframe data doesn't have to rely on older data integration methods like ETL. Check out this new whitepaper from Knowledge Integrity that points to data virtualization as a solution for real-time data.

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Mainframe Data Integration

Get direct SQL access to mainframe programs and data stored in an array of relational and non–relational formats. Accelerate the participation of mainframe systems with SOA, data access, or business intelligence initiatives and save on your overall TCO.

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Unlock non-relational mainframe data stored in VSAM. Accelerate mainframe analytics and get real-time data access!

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