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Rocket® OpsCentral

Empower operations management to centrally manage enterprise-wide workloads

Centralized management of enterprise scheduling workloads

OpsCentral provides a standardized interface that will allow Operations Management personnel to centrally manage the workload across the enterprise. This includes the ability to define and manage scheduling workloads for multiple Zeke and Zena implementations.

OpsCentral provides a single point of control for production workloads across the enterprise.

Batch process automation and scheduling require orderly and reliable sequencing, as well as management of task executions across the enterprise. Dependencies between tasks running on different platforms and operating system environments need to be centrally managed in a way that is autonomous to the underlying operating systems, technologies, and applications. These challenges are increasing significantly as users and owners of IT services strive to automate their business processes that span business applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle, and platforms such as z/OS, UNIX, Windows, Linux, and AS/400. ASG-OpsCentral provides a single point of control for production workloads across the enterprise.


OpsCentral provides:
Real-time job status representation and full-schedule management capabilities, including easily identifiable exceptions, abends, and current job status
Management of consolidated workloads from a single common view
Creation and management of permanent job and process definitions across the enterprise
Support for all operator actions available in the native products (commands such as job hold, force, cancel, operator OK, etc.)
Command-line interface for supported scheduling and automation solution
Allows z/OS rerun/restart capabilities, provided by ASG-Zebb and managed directly from ASG-OpsCentral


  • Provides centralized and Web-accessible management for Rocket’s mainframe and distributed scheduling and automation solutions, maximizing productivity and batch management efficiencies
  • Features real-time enterprise-wide graphical monitoring and management capabilities (PERT and GANTT) to easily identify processing bottlenecks and take corrective action
  • Provides z/OS rerun/restart capabilities through integration with Zebb
  • Centralizes alerts from underlying Rocket scheduling and automation solutions to streamline the exception notification process
  • Provides adaptable security models to ensure ease of implementation and eliminate redundant definitions
  • Supports Zeke work centers to facilitate secure end-user interaction with batch processing