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Rocket® MVS Toolkit

High-performance web and mobile application development

The Rocket® D3 MVS Toolkit enables developers to easily create and deploy MultiValue web services for the Rocket D3 DBMS, exposing Pick/BASIC subroutines and Access queries (AQL) as web services. Connection pooling delivers high performance.

What's New in Rocket D3

Easy scalability of web-based applications

Rocket MVS Toolkit supports both Pick/BASIC subroutines and AQL commands as well as both SOAP and RESTful-based web services. It interoperates seamlessly with various databases and host environments through the Rocket D3 DBMS connectivity tools.

Rocket MVS Toolkit supports connection pooling for Rocket D3 DBMS, designed for high-performance web and mobile application development. This improves the response time of any application that requires readily available Rocket D3 DB connections, particularly web-based applications. Once a connection is created, it stays available for reuse and does not need to be created again each time a new request is made.

Connection pooling also allows for easy scalability of web-based applications. A large increase in requests should not result in a large increase in the number of connection pool licenses required. This reduces the number of connections, processes and licenses needed on the Rocket D3 DBMS Database Server. Connection pool licenses are not unique to any one client/browser application and are shared and used by many, unlike a green screen terminal. If a connection pool is available, it is available to all.

Rocket MVS Toolkit Features

  • Publishes MultiValue web services
  • Acts as a standalone web service provider
  • Windows and Linux server platforms
  • Uses Eclipse IDE for web services creation
  • Supports both Pick/BASIC subroutines and AQL commands
  • Supports both SOAP and RESTful-based web Services
  • Separate activation from the Rocket D3 DBMS or Rocket mvBase DBMS database server