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Rocket® D3 OpenDB

Connect Rocket D3 applications to RDBMS tables anywhere

With Rocket® D3 OpenDB solutions, your Rocket D3 DBMS can access remote Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) tables anywhere through the industry-standard Open Database, plus get real-time data access to ODBC-compliant databases. D3 OpenDB provides seamless integration and the most efficient method for data access between D3 and an RDBMS.

What's New in Rocket D3

Your gateway to industry-standard database connectivity

D3 OpenDB is a member of the Open System File Interface (OSFI) product family. It enbles real-time data access to ODBC-compliant databases for an open connectivity solution.

Once the connection is established between D3 and the remote database server, D3 is able to read, write, and select data from the RDBMS as if it were a D3 file. All standard D3 methods of accessing data from RDBMS tables can be used, including TCL, BASIC, and AQL. This data can also be used to generate reports. As far as the D3 user or developer is concerned, the RDBMS is simply another D3 file with D3 items. The integration of the two systems is transparent.

If your business solutions require data integration between D3 and an RDBMS, OpenDB is the gateway.

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