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Need to protect your legacy system? Ask legacy MFA experts

Need to protect your legacy system? Ask legacy MFA experts.

The business world now averages more than 10 security breaches per day. That means, ready or not, you’re in a race to fix vulnerabilities before hackers can find them.

One of the most at-risk areas is your IBM® i (AS/400) or IBM zSystems® where your core business logic lives. Here, you face a unique set of challenges:

False sense of cybersecurity.  It’s sometimes said that legacy systems are so old, they’re secure. In fact, they have multiple blind spots, and cybercriminals know it. They’re targeting legacy systems with increasing frequency.

Perception that over-the-top password protection is sufficient. Even if there’s agreement that IBM i/Z systems need to be secured, there is this misconception that MFA password protection through a single sign-on solution properly protects the systems. But even if IT trusted users and their passwords 100% (they don’t), anyone who can find their way onto the network could easily hack a static admin password on the server.

Modern environmental hazards. Modernizing your legacy apps improves your customers’ digital experience. But because these modern environments can be accessed via the web, they’re naturally more vulnerable to attacks.

Compliance conundrum. Failure to meet data regulations can lead to costly penalties—but traditional enterprise security tools don’t support IBM i or IBM zSystems.

Vanishing mainframe wizards. Your resident experts on IBM i or IBM zSystems are retiring. Will the knowledge you need to secure your system leave with them?

The answer is MFA. But not from a typical MFA vendor.

Passwords are passé. Cybercriminals can easily exploit them and gain access to critical users, data, and apps. In fact, 40% of Malware breaches involve password dumps. MFA provides much stronger defense against potential breaches. Unfortunately, many MFA vendors don’t understand legacy systems and usually fail to support them. Result: a weak link that can leave your mainframe dangerously exposed to attack.

Turn tough challenges into huge opportunities

We won’t just make your enterprise more secure. We can actually help it become more innovative. Using dedicated MFA solutions for IBM i and IBM zSystems, you can free your enterprise to build unprecedented digital experiences and deploy them anywhere — on the cloud, on premises, or in hybrid environments.