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Rocket® Tape/Copy

Automate the migration of tape data to ensure protected data transfers

Rocket® Tape/Copy software automates tape data migration for easy, reliable, and secure data transfers

Automate Tape Migrations

Rocket® Tape/Copy's easy-to-use ISPF panels define selection criteria and desired tape characteristics to build jobs that copy or move tape data automatically.

Ensure Data Integrity

Rocket® Tape/Copy provides ESTAE protection for the conversion process to ensure failed operations (I/O errors, missing multi-volume data sets, and so on) are not carried forward to the new destination.

Rocket Tape/Copy is used by the largest tape drive manufacturers in the world to address the migration needs of their clients. It automates the conversion of tape data sets from any tape media or device to any other tape media or device, so migration to a new data center can also include data consolidation for additional cost savings.

Rocket Tape/Copy uses the Tape Management System Catalog (TMC) VTLs and ATLs as the primary source of information to ensure data consistency, and interfaces with ATLs from all major robotic library vendors to provide maximum flexibility.

Rocket Tape/Copy backs out all changes so that the tape is in pre-conversion status, allowing for any issues to be identified and corrected before initiating another migration process. This eliminates the need for a manual cleanup of the catalog and TMC after the migration is complete.

Rocket Tape/Copy has intelligent stacking capabilities that select the data and specify the desired utilization of the stacked tape. Rocket Tape/Copy also enables sorting of the stacked data by expiration date, grouping the data sets by the creating application, and more. Rocket Tape/Copy jobs can be used to automatically move "idle" data out of the ATL by copying it to an outside tape without requiring that the tape be physically ejected from the ATL, thereby eliminating the need to manage unused data. Rocket Tape/Copy can also copy large data files from virtual tape to native tape to ensure optimum use of virtual tape space.