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How a Highly Configurable & Flexible Terminal Emulator Improves Business Operations

Ben Rivera

March 14, 2023

For businesses relying on mainframe infrastructure, secure access to stored data is essential. Terminal emulator software and host access to these critical resources enable various business processes, from efficiently serving customers to ensuring regulatory compliance.

While organizations leveraging mainframe or IBM® i technology rely on the terminal emulator for access, users shouldn’t be limited by a specific endpoint strategy. With the best terminal emulator, IT leaders can provide the flexibility needed to achieve a simplified and efficient working environment while eliminating disruptions that hinder user workflows and productivity.   

Here’s a look at how a highly configurable and flexible terminal emulator improves business operations while saving time and resources:

Improved Experiences Through Flexible Web and Mobile Access

When employee experience improves, customer experience benefits. For instance, mobile-enabled terminal emulator software in the retail industry means sales representatives can get the answers they need on the floor without leaving the customers’ side—saving time and improving the customer experience.

According to research by Aberdeen, the industries leveraging terminal emulation programs are business services (e.g., accounting, HR, consulting), manufacturing, retail, education, healthcare, finance, and insurance. All of these represent a wide range of employee roles and business processes where accessible information is critical to accomplishing work. By implementing a flexible terminal emulator that can connect via the web, rather than standard stationary terminal emulation software, employees can address customer needs anywhere, anytime.

Simplified IT Environments to Save on Time and Costs

Often, terminal emulation software accumulates over mergers, business acquisitions, or simply the natural progression of an IT environment over time. Upgrades and maintenance can get costly, and vendors with complex licensing programs add to the costs and burdens on a company—with continuous licensing audits taking up time, resources, and disrupting business operations.

In many cases, businesses performing audits on their terminal emulation program find they are paying for licenses they no longer use or are forced to pay licensing for users that do not leverage different technology within the terminal emulator.

Businesses can unify their terminal emulation software stack by implementing a highly configurable terminal emulator, reducing upkeep and centralizing operations along a single platform. This eliminates the wasted time and frustration employees feel looking for disjointed information—enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction. Importantly, businesses must find a terminal emulator partner that provides flexible licensing options that can reduce licensing audits and remove costly, irrelevant, licenses

Rocket Software Terminal Emulator: Greater Agility & Security—Without the Hassle

With the Rocket Terminal Emulator, businesses can reduce hardware costs without compromising security. Other vendors may let their terminal emulator solution remain stagnant; Rocket Software is continually developing and improving our solution to keep up with current security protocols. In highly regulated industries such as financial services, secure and compliant terminal emulation is essential to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Given ongoing trends for greater mobility, access, and virtualization, modernized terminal emulation is essential to stay ahead of the competition for employees and customers. With Rocket Terminal Emulator’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy and Terminal Emulator Web Edition, users can access mission-critical data safely and securely from the comfort of their chosen PC, tablet, or mobile device. Whether using a tablet on a warehouse floor or a laptop from their home office, employees have quick and secure access to the information they need.

Rocket Software’s flexible, all-inclusive, licensing options significantly lower the costs of any terminal emulation program, offering both concurrent and per-seat licenses and perpetual and subscription options that include upgrades. This allows businesses to ensure users have the functionality they need without the high cost. The entire Rocket Software team is committed to its customers’ success, working with them to meet their licensing needs—rather than pursuing them with aggressive compliance audits and retaliatory lawsuits.

Highly configurable and flexible terminal emulation is essential to providing the data businesses need to meet customer needs and improve the employee experience. Give Rocket Terminal Emulator Web Edition a trial run and find out how it can improve business operations while saving companies both time and resources.