Rocket U2 Clients and DBTools

Hook up with drivers, APIs and tools to connect, manage, and develop in U2



Easily connect to U2 databases with U2 Clients

U2 Clients include standards-based drivers for ODBC, JDBC and OLEDB to connect to U2 via a wide variety of standards-based tools.

UniDK includes the UniObjects family of APIs for COM, .NET and Java for high-speed, native access as well as the U2 Java Persistence API (U2 JPA).


Equip yourself with the right tools with U2 DBTools

U2 DBTools include the Eclipse-based tools for programming and administration. Discover the latest tools that work with both U2 databases: U2 RESTful Web Services, Basic Developer Toolkit (BDT), Extensible Administration Tool (XAdmin), U2 Web Services Developer (U2 WSD), and more.