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Rocket MV TechDays - U2
USA and Australia: October - November 2014
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Fully illuminated
Rocket's partner solutions reach millions of people, every day
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Ultimate flexibility
Our development solutions let you work in any framework
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Create something everyone wants to see
Build visually appealing applications
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Power to the user
CorVu U2 Native Interface allows developers access to U2 Dictionary Items
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Yup—it’s the whole enchilada
Our technology covers all your development needs

Now Get More InSight and Control With Your MultiValue Data!

Learn about what Rocket Software technologies work well with your current Rocket U2 database!

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Learn more about a comprehensive High Availability and Data Recovery solution through our on-demand webinar and brochures.

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Our partners have created strong vertical and horizontal business solutions
that run on U2 technology.

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