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Rocket® Device Adapter Pack for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot is a plug-in for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot. With our Device Adapter Pack, you can back up files from one non-IBM location to another to expand your disaster recovery options and increase data availability. Supported storage device vendors include EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, HP, Huawei, and NetApp.

Protect critical data and help maintain high availability

Today more than ever, it is critical to protect valuable data and maintain high availability for your systems. Outages are expensive — they can impact the productivity of your employees, and divert resources to recovery efforts that would be better spent on productive tasks.

Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot pairs with the current version of IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot to deliver high levels of protection for key applications and databases using integrated application snapshot backup and restore capabilities.

In the event of an outage, Rocket Device Adapter Pack will help you restore access to your data nearly instantaneously, improving application availability and service levels by helping to shorten downtime.

Leverage advanced, snapshot-based data protection capabilities

Keep application data on popular storage devices safe and sound. Put IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot advanced snapshot-based data protection capabilities to work in your environment.

With Rocket Device Adapter Pack for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot, you can leverage snapshot features on popular storage platforms, such as:

  • EMC TimeFinder/Snap, TimeFinder/Clone
  • EMC VP Snap and VP Clone
  • EMC VNX Snapshots, SnapView, and SnapView Clone
  • EMC XtremIO Virtual Copies (XVC)
  • HDS ThinImage and ShadowImage
  • HP 3Par Virtual and Full Copy
  • Huawei OceanStor LUN and File System Snapshot
  • NetApp Snapshot for both FlexVols and Infinite Volumes.