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Rocket Software Enhances its Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM i to Empower Organizations to Extend and Enhance Value of IT Investments

2 March, 2023


The company bolsters its portfolio of products developed so enterprises can mitigate risk, improve ROI, and accelerate innovation across their IBM i environment

Press Release

WALTHAM, Mass. — March 2nd, 2023Rocket Software, Inc., a global technology leader that develops enterprise software for some of the world’s largest companies, today unveiled significant enhancements to its Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM i, a comprehensive portfolio of products developed to enable organizations to modernize and optimize their investments in IBM i systems.i Specifically, recent releases of Rocket® DevOps and Rocket® iCluster® reinforce Rocket Software’s commitment to helping IBM i customers, with improved automation and management of the DevOps environment and an enhanced High Availability/Disaster Recovery (HA/DR) user experience through a newly refined interface. Rocket Modernization Suite for IBM i is designed to easily integrate with existing infrastructure, reducing operational downtimes and eliminating the need for disruptive overhauls.

Businesses across all industries are bracing for another year of economic turbulence, and IT leaders are under enormous pressure to protect the investments they have made in their IBM i environments. An Azurite Consulting study commissioned by Rocket Software revealed organizations running core business applications on IBM i are growing their modernization budgets by 14% over the next two years, highlighting their commitment to the platform. Organizations have spent years building business-critical applications and workflows on the platform and cannot afford disruption or downtime of their applications. More than just protecting their investments, IT leaders are searching for ways to reduce budgets, improve their ROI, mitigate risk and accelerate innovation.

Achieving these business goals requires a holistic approach to IT, including a modern, yet robust, IBM i environment that helps organizations improve their competitive strength, agility, governance and responsiveness. It also requires a thoughtful modernization plan for mission-critical applications, and a single partner that understands the full stack of technology and business challenges that organizations that use IBM i systems face.

Rocket Modernization Suite for IBM i advances an organization’s business environment, tracks data and business logic engagement, automates processes, enables agile work methodologies like DevOps, and empowers organizations to deliver strong ROI across all IBM i projects. Rocket Modernization Suite for IBM i drives results through:

  • Processes: Optimizing processes can reduce waste and accelerate innovation. With Rocket DevOps, avoid coding errors at their most costly state – in the middle of the production environment. With Rocket iCluster, organizations can minimize system downtime and stay ahead of infrastructure developments by leveraging best-in-class high availability capabilities. With Rocket Process Automation (API), organizations can integrate front-end solutions with IBM i applications by unlocking IBM i core systems without the need to touch the underlying legacy code or business logic.
  • People: Design fit-for-purpose user interface that maximizes user efficiency, from enabling employees to access systems and data on their mobile devices with Rocket Terminal Emulator, to transforming customer-facing interfaces with Rocket Modern Experience.
  • Planning: Modernization requires an actionable plan that delivers on key metrics like user productivity and customer satisfaction. With Rocket Process Insights, organizations can engage with the data and business logic of IBM i applications thus providing a blueprint for their modernization journey. Organizations can build a multi-layered approach to IBM i security that mitigates threats with Rocket MFA (IBM i Edition).

Rocket Modernization Suite for IBM i encourages integrated innovation to ensure that IBM i platforms are not siloed, and developers can build and deploy what is needed to improve customer experience across the board.

“We’re experiencing a period of economic uncertainty, and customers must rationalize the costs of their IT infrastructure, remove redundancies and add automation, all without risking disruption to their custom applications,” said Puneet Kohli, President, Application Modernization Business Unit, Rocket Software. “Rocket's Modernization Suite for IBM i has been developed to help businesses protect, plan, and execute a recession-proof, digital-first strategy.”

“In today’s increasingly digital world, there is no avoiding including IBM i in a digital first strategy,” states Peter Rutten, Research Vice President Performance Intensive Computing at IDC Research, Inc. “Too many critical applications run on IBM i for thousands of companies worldwide, and these applications require a platform that is included in continuous modernization in order to deliver new capabilities and services.”\

To learn more about Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM i, click here.

About Rocket Software

Rocket Software partners with the largest enterprises, in all industries, to solve their most complex IT challenges, across infrastructure, data, and applications — with solutions that simplify, not disrupt their modernization journey. Trusted by over 10,000 customers, Rocket Software helps enterprises modernize in place with a hybrid cloud strategy, so they don’t need to re-platform or build from the ground up. The company’s 2,600 global employees work with customers to accelerate and optimize their modernization journey while meeting evolving market needs. Rocket Software is a privately held U.S. corporation headquartered in the Boston area with centers of excellence strategically located throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Rocket Software is a portfolio company of Bain Capital Private Equity. Follow Rocket Software on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit

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