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Lift Off: The Rocket Software Rocketeer Profile Series - Get to Know Rashmi Agrawal

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We talk a lot about our values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust, and Love here at Rocket Software. Those values help us keep our customers at the leading edge of their digital transformation and modernization journeys. However, that success is only possible because of the Rocketeers, who are “All In” on those core values, bringing their passion and industry-leading expertise to every challenge that comes their way. 

Our next Rocketeer to step into the spotlight is Vice President of Research and Development, Rashmi Agrawal. With over two decades of experience, Rashmi works to drive innovation and collaboration with Rocket Software’s Product Management and Corporate Strategy teams.

Join us as we get to know Rashmi.

Fast Facts 

One word to describe the Rocket culture?  

Coffee or tea? 
Tea with a lot of milk and sugar

Proud Moment? 
Witnessing my two children develop into well-rounded individuals. My elder son was recently accepted into Carnegie Mellon University which was a proud moment.

Favorite Rocket Software value? 

Bucket List Destination? 

What interested you in Rocket Software? 

What attracted me to Rocket Software was the sense of ownership and empowerment I experienced from day one. Beyond my engineering role, I felt encouraged to go above and beyond, influencing decisions, and creating a tangible impact. Rocket Software provided an environment where I could tackle challenging problems and continuously learn.

I value opportunities where I can think creatively and come up with solutions both professionally and personally. The emphasis on continuous learning and problem solving at Rocket Software aligns perfectly with my passion for bringing creative solutions to the toughest challenges.

What is one of your proudest moments during your time at Rocket Software? 

One of my proudest moments has been building teams from scratch and expanding them across different regions. Over my five year journey with Rocket Software, I've seen significant growth, starting with just one person, and now leading a team of around 177 individuals.

The recognition and appreciation I've received along the way, from ownership of diverse product portfolio to expanded roles, have been constant sources of motivation for me. It's incredibly fulfilling when fellow Rocketeers approach me to express gratitude, ask a question, or simply say hello. These moments of recognition fill me with pride and inspire me to continue making a positive impact within the company.

Do you think Rocket Software’s core values of Empathy, Humanity, Trust and Love are unique from other companies? And how do you live by these in your day-to-day role? 

Rocket Software's values resonate deeply with fundamental human needs. While many companies prioritize values like being customer-driven, Rocket Software's emphasis on shared humanity creates a unique foundation for success. When I share these values with others, whether it's during interviews or casual conversations, they often express admiration, recognizing the profound difference they make in shaping our company culture.

In my role, I strive to embody these values in every interaction, both professionally and personally. For instance, I make it a point to engage with my colleagues beyond work-related discussions. I take time to listen to their concerns, celebrate successes, and understand what matters to them on a personal level. Whether it's over virtual tea times or casual lunch chats in the office, I create spaces for open dialogue and connection. These small gestures may seem insignificant, but they contribute to creating a culture where every individual feels valued, heard, and supported.

Rocket Software inspires an environment where diversity is celebrated and respected, people are valued for their unique contributions, and each Rocketeer feels a sense of belonging. The Rocket Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Program helps foster these beliefs. Tell us why you think DEI in the workplace is so important today. If you’ve participated in any RIDE initiatives previously, please share! 

DEI programs are integral for fostering a thriving organizational culture, and I've been deeply committed to advancing these principles throughout my time at Rocket Software. During a recent town hall, I highlighted the diverse backgrounds and perspectives of our global teams, emphasizing that our strength lies in our unity and collaboration. By championing initiatives that celebrate diversity and promote inclusion, we create an environment where all Rocketeers feel valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives, ultimately driving innovation and productivity.

I’ve been very involved in initiatives focused on women's empowerment and cultural diversity. I have also participated in panel discussions and programs like Aurora, both as a speaker and as an organizer, to amplify the voices of women and promote cultural understanding. In India, I've spearheaded efforts to celebrate cultural festivals and traditions, bringing together teams to showcase the rich diversity of our country. I believe that these efforts are essential for fostering a culture of belonging and driving organizational success.