Rocket Servergraph for IBM i

Real-time storage and data protection visibility across IBM® i environments

Rocket Servergraph makes it easy to understand what’s happening in your backup and storage environment by extending the value of your IBM i (AS/400) investment, simplifying management tasks by monitoring both IBM i and BRMS. With support for most major vendors and storage devices (including cloud options), you can manage your diverse enterprise storage environment and identify and resolve problems before they affect your business, while also ensuring your critical data is safe from data loss or internal resource limitations. 

Rocket Servergraph

Identify and resolve problems before they affect your business

Running out of capacity can affect overall application availability and performance. Servergraph not only focuses on your IBM i environment, it’s the only solution that goes beyond command-line log analysis to proactively monitor your entire IBM i environment as well as other storage and data protection products. A single view optimizes performance and avoids costly capacity surprises.

Dashboards combine IBM i and data from more than 30 other supported backup storage platforms and applications in one normalized, easily-understood view. Prioritized, automated alerts allow you to proactively isolate issues and take immediate corrective action to avoid downtime.

Empower your users through a simple, easy-to-use interface

If a user requests a report today they’re likely dependent on IT for the change, sometimes waiting weeks for the new information. With a distributed dashboard environment that’s simple to use and customize, a user can bypass IT and create or update it his or herself. The result is a happier user who gets what he or she wants faster, and a reduction in the number of IT tickets created for the admin team.

Filters help you segment data for each particular user’s needs so you don’t share unnecessary or irrelevant information, allowing IT departments to tailor the right data to the right people.

Simplify audit prep and document compliance with regulations and your SLAs

Servergraph reduces the time required to prepare for internal and external audits. You can build dashboards in minutes and share them with audit and compliance stakeholders for reporting purposes. Instead of generating a new report each time one is needed, stakeholders can easily find data they need within the dashboard environment. If data needs change, users can easily customize the dashboard on their own, without waiting days in an IT ticket queue.

You can document your team’s achievement to goals and KPIs (as well as other internal SLAs) directly within the dashboard, including critical reports required for bonus consideration.

Built-in, automated compliance reports address specific governance and regulatory frameworks including HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, Basel III, and more. In particular, Servergraph offers detailed, customizable role-based permissions that admins can associate with specific backup processes, devices, reports, and functions. Servergraph retains archives logs for as long as you need them, and you can customize them for any time period.