Rocket Servergraph

Expand insight into your entire backup environment

Rocket® Servergraph® makes it easy to understand what's happening in your backup environment. It proactively monitors and reports on your entire environment, providing a real-time, holistic view to help you better manage data protection processes, cost, and risks. Achieve better Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives while meeting cost, operations, and compliance goals.

Rocket Servergraph
Bring down the cost and complexity of backup monitoring and reporting

Rocket® Servergraph®  is a web-based monitoring and reporting tool that detects failed backups across heterogeneous data protection environments, including all major backup platforms and applications, on premises or in the cloud. Servergraph delivers automated backup reports, custom dashboards, automated billing and chargeback, and real-time alerts. Administrators and business managers become more proactive and efficient in delivering quality service to users while reducing costs and risks.

Provide a single view of heterogeneous backup environments

Rocket Servergraph provides a “single pane of glass” view for more than 30 backup platforms and applications from all major vendors. It continuously watches your entire heterogeneous backup environment, issuing and prioritizing automated alerts in real-time before warning signs turn into problems. 

Free backup administrators and IT managers to work smarter

Backup environments are typically managed by a complex set of solutions, exacerbated by ever-evolving new technologies.

Rocket Servergraph proactively watches the whole backup environment and reports on all needed information. It provides hundreds of out-of-the-box dashboards for different audiences, so everyone has the answers he or she needs without added administrative work. A complete audit trail is always available, tracking all backup activities and processes for specific locations, departments, business units, or servers. 

Servergraph simplifies backup tasks and processes, reducing hours of work to minutes. All of the time that used to go into monitoring and reporting can now be applied to solving problems and getting better results for the business.

Arm the right person with the right data

Rocket Servergraph supports custom dashboards for different types of users, including IT managers, administrators, business managers, and end users. Reports are customized and scoped to each user's needs, allowing them to easily understand whether the backup environment is maintaining the integrity of their data.

Servergraph offers the flexibility to create the dashboards and reports your business needs, whether by operating system, backup technology, application, or other variables. 

Rocket Servergraph goes beyond command-line log analysis and proactively monitors your entire IBM i environment - across servers and their associated applications via a single view - providing real-time, in-depth visibility that helps you better manage your IBM i processes, costs, and risks.

Rocket Servergraph proactively manages:
  • IBM® Spectrum Protect (TSM)
  • IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot (FCM)
  • IBM Spectrum Archive (LTFS)
  • IBM Spectrum Scale (GPFS)
  • IBM FastBack
  • IBM ProtecTIER
  • IBM TS3310/TS3500/TS4500/TSLM
  • IBM i System BRMS
  • Commvault® Simpana
  • EMC® Data Domain, Avamar, Isilon, NetWorker
  • Rocket iCluster
  • Hitachi® Protection Platfom
  • VMWare® Hypervisor and HyperV® Hypervisor
  • Microsoft® DPM
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle® RMAN
  • Quantum® DXi
  • Veritas® NetBackup and BackupExec
  • Veeam®