Rocket Servergraph

Expand visibility into your entire backup environment

Rocket® Servergraph® makes it easy to understand what's happening in your backup and storage environment. It monitors and reports on all of your applications and devices, providing a real-time, comprehensive view of your data protection environment to help you better manage data protection processes, cost, and risks. Achieve better Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) while meeting cost, operations, and compliance goals.

Rocket Servergraph

Bring down the cost and complexity of backup monitoring and reporting

Backup sessions

Provide a comprehensive view of diverse backup environments

Servergraph provides visibility across more than 45 backup applications and devices from all major vendors so admins can immediately see a holistic view of their backup environment. It continuously watches your entire diverse backup environment, issuing and prioritizing automated alerts in real time before warning signs turn into problems.

Servergraph also works for users and admins alike. Dashboards run in a browser, so your users can access their data any time, anywhere, open multiple dashboards at once, bookmark dashboards for direct access, and even send links to dashboards out to others.

Free-up backup administrators and IT managers to work smarter

Managing backup environments is complex and evolves constantly as new technologies are released and adopted.

Servergraph watches the whole backup environment proactively and provides dashboards with the information you need to manage your environment properly. It provides hundreds of out-of-the-box, editable dashboards for different audiences, so everyone has the answers they need without added administrative work. A complete audit trail is always available, tracking all backup activities and processes for specific locations, departments, business units, or servers.

Servergraph simplifies backup tasks and processes, reducing hours of work to minutes. All of the time that used to go into monitoring and reporting can now be applied to solving problems and getting better results for the business.

Empower users through a simple, easy-to-use user interface

Today, if a user requests an update to a report, they’re probably dependent on IT for the change, sometimes waiting weeks for the new information. With a distributed dashboard environment that’s simple to use and easy to customize, a Servergraph user can bypass IT and create the specific view of the data they need, resulting in a happier user who gets what he or she wants faster—and a reduction in tickets for the IT team.

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