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Rocket® CorRisk

Automate enterprise risk management

Rocket® CorRisk is a rapid-deployment enterprise risk management solution. It proactively manages and mitigates risks associated with projects, initiatives and business strategies. CorRisk monitors risk management throughout the organization, automates essential workflows, and alerts stakeholders to potential threats.  

Rocket Enterprise Performance Management

Monitor risk throughout the enterprise

If increasing regulatory pressures like Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel III, and other governance obligations have you searching for a way to better manage risk, look no further than Rocket CorRisk. CorRisk monitors, manages and mitigates threats and obstacles to achieving your business strategy. 

Rocket CorRisk provides secure and consistent electronic communication for all risk-related content throughout the organization. You can easily share commentary on key risk indicators (KRIs), risk scenarios, risk controls, and actions with relevant stakeholders. Meanwhile, your risk-related institutional knowledge increases as decisions, actions, and plans are recorded and communicated.

CorRisk is a purpose-built enterprise risk management solution that supports various risk management frameworks. Whether you need to monitor credit, regulatory, or operational risks — even risks related to your strategic objectives, business plans, and key business drivers — CorRisk has you covered. With its historical repository of loss events and near misses, and escalations and alerts for compliance risk and process failures, CorRisk provides the peace of mind needed to ensure your enterprise is risk-free and compliance-focused.

Fast, secure collection and application of risk data

Rocket CorRisk collects, consolidates and secures risk-related data . It allows periodic risk data to be automatically loaded from disparate corporate data systems and information sources, submitted via email, or manually entered via web forms. Your data will never fall into the wrong hands with CorRisk’s access-limiting security profiles. CorRisk allows information to be controlled in a secure, integrated environment that can be fully audited. Plus, every object is owned and/or maintained by a specified individual, enhancing risk accountability throughout your organization.

With Rocket CorRisk, you can see and act on risk data fast. Forget about 20/20 hindsight; CorRisk offers 20/20 foresight. Predictive forecasting and causal modeling enable analysis of potential financial impact of risk, while deep drill-down from risk maps provides an understanding of why control failures occur — making risk management easier on you and your organization.
You can develop risk reports for monitoring and managing risk by process, company, business unit, business driver, and objectives — providing managers with a real-time understanding of risk control strategies and subordinate tasks. Personalized dashboards, risk maps, and enterprise reporting keep you informed, while reports can be shared easily through simple web delivery.