Uniface Low Code Application Development

Build better cross-platform apps faster, with less code

Your developers are coding as fast as they can. But the marketplace is evolving even faster. With slicker interfaces. Awesome-looking apps. And high-speed responsiveness. How can your team and your systems keep up?

Rocket is the leader in model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software. With the Uniface low-code development platform, you can create reliable, scalable, secure apps and bring them to market on time and on budget.

Rocket® Uniface takes complexity out of the development equation

No code generation
Fewer lines of code to write
Less error-prone code
One code base powering multiple platforms
Short learning curve
Low maintenance
Proven reliability
Easy integration with legacy systems and the latest cloud apps alike
Model-driven approach for higher speed, efficiency, and quality

Best of all, once you develop something in Uniface, it’s available forever. You can replicate it across web, mobile, and desktop apps; upgrade without additional work; even integrate with web services, legacy apps, and third-party sources without extra coding.

Bottom line: Your developers can stop working on the technology and start focusing on business-critical priorities.

Why Uniface?
Here’s a 10-word answer from Uniface customers around the world

Roll over any word below to see why customers say they choose Uniface:


I’d rather maintain 100 lines of Uniface code than 1,000 lines of other code to support the same functionality.

Hans Bloemendaal

CRV, The Netherlands


Thanks to Uniface our mission-critical application has run reliably for the last 20 years.

Marion Koelzer

UBS AG, Switzerland


It is clear that Uniface takes security very seriously. The Uniface platform ensures applications built through it are inherently protected and are therefore less prone to security threats.

Bola Rotibi

Creative Intellect Consulting, UK


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ integrated Uniface application is mission critical to the educational experience of 350,000 students. The high productivity, low-cost maintainability and ease of reuse has allowed a low budget government organization to have a top quality solution.

HaDave Willford



Uniface enables Aurion’s mission-critical payroll application to pay over 350,000 employees every pay day.

Brian Coleman

Aurion, Australia


We have about 100 requests for a change to a system from our end-users, and we can manage them with Uniface.

Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa

Kawasaki, Japan


Our Uniface application continues to grow and facilitate the rapidly changing market trends of the connected world.

James Barker

Dixons Carphone, UK


With Uniface, we can take advantage of new technical advances without having to build it ourselves. Uniface takes care of that. This allows us to focus our energies into ensuring we stay ahead of our competition and markets.

Anton Roe

MidlandHR, UK


For more than 15 years, we have enjoyed a close and stable relationship with the Uniface team. We’ve always been highly satisfied with their attentiveness and responsiveness to our needs.

Jean-Baptiste Feray

Proges-Plus, France


With the free Uniface Community Edition, new and experienced developers quickly learn Uniface and become more productive. The eLearning informs developers of the latest technology and helps them to easily contribute to building components for Uniface applications.

Peter Lammersma

Unividuals, The Netherlands

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Get faster, more efficient, and future-proof

At Rocket, our mission is to empower our customers to do legendary things with their legacy systems. When it comes to Uniface, that means continually adding new features and capabilities to help modernize your legacy platform and protect and enhance your investment. Experience Uniface for yourself. And see how it can take your organization higher.