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Rocket® Virtual Data Recovery

Get the most ROI from your virtual tape investment

Rocket® Virtual Data Recovery® (VDR) software helps you maximize your return on virtual tape investments by automating the creation and recovery of cataloged virtual tape data backups targeted for vaulting, and storing the backups on any local or remote tape device.

Efficient use of media

Creating backups in the virtual tape library reduces the overall backup window. Rocket Virtual Data Recovery creates stacked copies of these backups to high-density media, reducing vaulted media and media-handling costs. VDR backup data is in a non-proprietary format and resides on native media. The media can be read by native drives at the disaster recovery location, eliminating the expense of keeping virtual tape libraries at the disaster recovery site.

Rocket VDR also provides the ability to recycle underutilized tape media without the risk of first returning the backup media to the data center. It finds the remaining, unexpired data sets on a backup tape and reselects the original data set for backup. A new, better-utilized backup tape is created and sent to the vault. The less-utilized tape is then expired and returned from the vault. In addition, backups can be recovered directly to DASD from the VDR backup — saving a substantial amount of recovery time.

Save recovery time with the option of recovering the data directly from native tape to DASD in a single step.

Understand data availability

Rocket VDR's architecture allows virtual tape users to create dual copies of critical data sets and store them in any other virtual or non-virtual tape device. If a production data set becomes unavailable, the dual copy can be restored as the production data set without modifying the production JCL. Since there is no data movement, the restore process is completed quickly with timely data availability. 

Meet recovery priorities by co-locating stacked data

Rocket Virtual Data Recovery enables control over which data sets are stacked together on the VDR backup tapes so that data sets that expire around the same time are stacked together. Media that is returned from the vault, and data sets that are created by the same application, are stacked together to meet recovery priorities.