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Move and protect data quickly and safely

Rocket® OpenTech products provide comprehensive solutions for customers requiring data relocation and workload separation in IBM® zSystems® environments.

OpenTech solutions are designed to maintain complete data integrity with minimal disruption, and ensure overall data synchronization while protecting all meta-file data used for lifecycle management.

Rocket Mainframe

Reduce costs for better ROI on storage investments

In the mainframe storage segment, return on investment isn't just measured in time and management savings. A significant contribution comes from extending the life of media and related technology.

Rocket® OpenTech products make efficient use of resources to improve the return on prior investments. Optimized recall of virtual tape datasets eliminates or postpones expensive virtual tape hardware cache upgrades. Maximizing the use of underutilized tape reduces vaulted media and substantially reduces recovery time.

Ensure data is safe through migrations or backup and restore

Keeping your data safe means protecting it when it’s at the greatest risk — during migrations and backup/restore cycles. Rocket® OpenTech migration and backup and recovery products provide tools to ensure the integrity of data in transit. Reliable data integrity in turn reduces the likelihood you’ll incur the costs of manually recovering data.

Automate time-intensive manual backup and recovery processes

Manual backup and recovery processes pose a huge risk to business continuity. They are time-intensive, error-prone, and prevent skilled IT staff from focusing on other projects.

Rocket OpenTech products automate manual processes, making backups more reliable and recovery more immediate. We ensure all relevant data volumes are automatically and properly incorporated into backup and recovery processes. You get easy, flexible data recovery, comprehensive forecasting reports that enable fine tuning, and the ability to automate point-in-time data replication products.

Simplify compliance management

Business and regulatory compliance reporting can be time-intensive work. And for some, proving responsible data management means manual reporting. Rocket OpenTech products provide automated reporting that’s tailored to meet the requirements of corporate audit and compliance objectives.

Rocket DR/Xpert® provides proof that critical data is backed up and vaulted appropriately. Rocket DASD Backup Supervisor continuously audits for new, deleted, renamed, or off-line volumes.