Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Process) – Monitoring, collecting and approving time sensitive product quality documents can be a time-consuming and error-prone process when manually managed via email and spreadsheets.

Rocket TRUcentrix – APQP tracking application is a “task list based — document tracker” providing quality control management:

  • Automated Assignments – Assign one or more Approvers to each APQP task
  • Visibility – “Status by Supplier” Roll-Up Reports
  • Meet ISO 9000 / TS 16949 / QS 9000 / QMS requirements.

The deep TRUcentrix APQP integration will allow you to effectively manage hundreds of APQP/PPAP submissions across your supply chain – and, keep you on schedule while maintaining a high quality standard for your final product.

Automate & Manage APQP with TRUcentrix

Automate & Manage APQP/PPAP tasks, documents & approvals with just a web browser.

Collect, Monitor & get Approval of time sensitive product quality documents – up to 40% faster with the TRUcentrix™ online APQP Tracking Application.

Custom Roll-up Reports - APQP Status by Supplier