Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

Rocket TRUcentrix Speeds and Simplifies APQP Processes

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), an industry-standard phased process frequently leveraged in the automotive industry, eases collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers as they develop products. But APQP can be challenging to deploy and manage across large supply chains due to time sensitivity, enterprise boundaries, constant changes, and large numbers of people involved.

Rocket® TRUcentrix, a comprehensive B2B collaboration hub, automates key business processes between your company, suppliers and other organizations, including fully automated document management for APQP compliance. With TRUcentrix, you can keep your partners and suppliers on schedule while ensuring the highest quality products in accordance with your APQP goals—no matter how fast things change.

Deploy a secure, end-to-end APQP process spanning all five APQP phases

  • Connect, automate, and secure the APQP documentation process
  • Speed deployment to help improve your APQP activities with all stakeholders
  • Adapt easily to your company’s preferred APQP approach
  • Save time and money with a SaaS deployment option
  • 100% web-based solution with advanced security options

Advanced quality control management and automation

With TRUcentrix, your APQP process benefits from built-in quality control management providing OEMs and suppliers with a high degree of transparency and visibility into the business process while protecting individual suppliers’ critical business data. TRUcentrix contains an integrated APQP form, so quality requirements are clearly defined, greatly reducing potential errors and unwanted supplier corrective-action requests.

Intelligent and customizable APQP form tracking

Comprehensive tracking forms power the APQP process for all parts being produced by external suppliers. The APQP Tracking Form includes an embedded APQP task list and contains information about the:

  • Part
  • Supplier
  • Vehicle program

Custom roll-up reports provide you with up-to-date statuses on all aspects of the product launch. Managers and administrators can easily see, track, and report on user activity for auditing purposes.

Cost-effective and secure

Rocket TRUcentrix meets all your APQP tracking needs—without dedicated IT staff, IT infrastructure, or data center resources. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution eliminates CAPEX costs, speeding time-to-value and peace of mind for APQP compliance.

Secure web-based access with multifactor authentication and modern encryption standards protect data at rest and in flight.