Ensure business continuity for IBM i

Your IBM® i system is the foundation of your business, and you need it to be available 24/7. Any downtime, whether planned or the result of a disaster, can lead to business disruptions, lost revenue and unhappy customers. Rocket® iCluster® high-availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions help ensure uninterrupted operations for applications running on IBM i, and provide continuous access by monitoring, identifying, and self-correcting replication problems. And because licensing is managed (and priced) on a per-server basis, iCluster is likely less expensive than comparable solutions from other vendors. Plus, we never charge for transfers to new hardware within the same processor group.

Ensure uninterrupted access and prevent business disruptions

Rocket iCluster reduces downtime related to unexpected IBM i system interruptions significantly, with real-time, fault-tolerant, object-level replication. In the event of an outage, you can bring a “warm” mirror of a clustered IBM i system into service rapidly. iCluster provides highly-automated, fast, and proactive protection combined with issue notification, self-correction for replication problems, and much more. When it comes to high availability needs, iCluster provides concurrent access to replicated data to let business applications perform reporting queries, and allow ETL, EDI and web tasks to operate without affecting primary system performance.

iCluster helps you address unexpected events by continuously replicating a recovery point to a warm standby server, ready to be deployed back to production. It mirrors changes, additions, or deletions automatically in near real-time to the replicated system—with no administration. iCluster ensures the highest fidelity from production to secondary instances, with always-on sync-check and byte-by-byte verification to confirm accuracy. High-speed operational switching between co-located or geographically-distant clustered systems further reduces recovery time. With a recent and accurate recovery point waiting on a standby server, your organization can significantly speed up the recovery process, lowering or even eliminating the impact of an outage to your business.

Complement your IBM PowerHA investment

Rocket® iCluster® HA Assist was designed specifically for the High-Availability (HA) environment. It's an HA/DR solution that complements IBM® PowerHA® that enables continual access through monitoring, sync, and notification and self-correcting replication issues. With iCluster HA Assist you always know your recovery point and recovery time for HA. In the PowerHA environment, the iCluster HA Assist solution can be used to replicate objects that cannot be stored on an IASP or must reside in *SYSBASE.

iCluster HA Assist ensures HA through:

  • Role swapping (fully or partially automated)
  • Synchronization checking of file attributes, file contents, IFS attributes, object existence, data area contents, and output queues
  • Monitoring via green screen or an easy-to-understand GUI
  • Automatic resynchronization of out-of-sync objects

A low-cost, low-stress solution

If you’re tired of overpaying for disaster recovery solutions that come with big price tags attached, we can help. With Rocket iCluster you get reduced downtime for smoother business operation and disaster recovery times measured in minutes–not days—for reduced operating risk. iCluster automatically scales to meet the size of your business and transactional volumes, and configuration is simple and easy. And best of all, you'll never have to worry about added charges or predatory pricing. iCluster licensing is managed (and priced) on a per-server basis, and transfers to new hardware within the same processor group are hassle-free.



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