The Way Forward: Rocket Software’s 2022 India Tour

Milan Shetti

December 1, 2022

After two years of social distancing and traveling restrictions, I was overjoyed to join members of our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) in finally having the opportunity to visit our Rocket Software offices in India to meet and interact face-to-face with Rocketeers and celebrate the launch of the Rocket Software rebrand in late October.

Group Photo 1

India is home to the company’s second largest employee pool, the U.S. being the largest. With the addition of our Chennai and Hyderabad offices in 2021, Rocket now has four locations across India —including Bengaluru and Pune—with around 650 employees. Thanks to rapid growth in the region, we have fantastic career opportunities available across our Indian offices. The Indian Rocketeers and their work are and will continue to be a vital piece to Rocket’s mission to modernize without disruption.



The ELT team was blown away by the attention to detail displayed and the warm welcome we received at each stop on our tour. We were not only welcomed with a bouquet of flowers at all four locations but were immersed in the culture and tradition of our Indian colleagues. Each stop began with the lighting of the Diya, or lamp. A Hindu tradition, the lighting of the Diya preceding an event symbolizes positivity and is a reminder of peace. Each ceremony included a beautiful presentation with thousands of flower petals intricately displayed in awe-inspiring designs.

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Our team was in awe of the wonderful song and dance performances shared by Rocketeers. It was a truly captivating experience. I was struck by how the warm welcome and presentation of the Indian culture exuded the core values of Rocket Software—empathy, humanity, trust and love.

The Indian Offices and Employees

Once we settled in at each of our stops, we were given an office tour--and each location continued to amaze us. Each office had already been reconfigured to fit the new design and color scheme of the Rocket brand, even taking the time to hang Rocket rebrand themed balloons upon our arrival.


From there, the ELT led company-wide brand workshops and town halls at each location. The brand workshop gave us the opportunity to provide a deeper understanding of the new and exciting changes taking place around the rebrand and how employees are empowered to be Rocket brand ambassadors.


The townhalls gave me the opportunity to address our India teams directly, sharing how proud I am of the work our teams have accomplished and Rocket’s ability to maintain high functionality throughout the trials of the last few years. I also had the chance to share my enthusiasm for continuing to drive our mission forward—I am truly passionate about a simplifying the complex challenges of mainframe modernization to enable our clients to modernize without disruption.

Throughout my time in India, I was able to take part in unplugged conversations with countless Rocketeers with different backgrounds and roles within Rocket. It gave me a chance to connect with employees on a more personal level about the different opportunities and challenges they’ve faced, and how Rocket can help them in achieving both personal and the overall goals of the company.

In the end, the Rocket Software India tour was a unique and captivating experience that left me, and fellow members of the ELT both confident and enthusiastic about the work our Indian offices will achieve for Rocket Software.