Set Up Your MV App To Support Your Business Goals For Tomorrow And Years To Come

December 6, 2022

Your MultiValue (MV) application includes the secret sauce (business logic and business rules) allowing you to easily manage your organization’s unique workflows and automation. But, like your peers, you face challenges, such as

  • Lack of developer resources
  • Pressure from new C-level execs to replace your tried-and-true MultiValue-based applications
  • IT hurdles like moving applications to the cloud
  • Connectivity issues, including with 3rd party apps
  • Reduced competitiveness because of your outdated user interface (UI) or user experience (UX)

I invite you to look at some data based on a survey of Business Decision-Makers on IT infrastructure and applications. Azurite Consulting, on behalf of Rocket, surveyed some of our MV customers and partners.

The results are highlighted in this new Infographic:

  1. You’re not alone – see the challenges your peers are addressing and…
  2. See how Rocket Software can help you address these challenges by modernizing your MV app while minimizing risk, cost, and time to market, AND maximizing ROI.