As Seen On...Rocket MVU, A Virtual Educational Series

Jeannette Shea

April 30, 2020

Like me, I’m sure many of you are working from home. And maybe unlike me, you have a little extra capacity for learning (if you’ve been very busy like I have, I hope you’ll make some room on your calendar to join us).

The Rocket MV team (R&D, support, product management…) has been and continues to work hard on the products your business depends on. And, we’re making some time to develop a ton of educational content and delivering it to you via MultiValue University (MVU) virtual events.

We’ve already done a deep dive into UniVerse 11.3.2 and gone over the Full Monty for MVIS.

The series continues with four more events scheduled in the first two weeks of May:

  • Rocket D3® 10.3.1 Deep Dive
  • How to use MVIS to easily extend your MV app
  • How to easily migrate your U2 REST application to Rocket MVIS
  • How to easily upgrade your U2 Web DE app to run on MVIS

If you missed any MVU events, please see recordings and videos on our website.

But wait, there’s more! For only $19.99 plus s&h, just kidding, there’s no cost. We are planning on more. In no particular order:

  • Deep Dive into the new UniVerse Recoverable File System (RFS)
  • Best Practices for upgrading to UniVerse 12.1
  • I know what you did last summer… and other things MV Audit Logging can help you with
  • Develop your MV Application using Visual Studio (early preview of Rocket MV BASIC for VS)
  • Rocket’s DevOps Efforts – MV dataservers Continuous Integration (CI) and Automation Demo
  • How to Secure your D3 data
  • How to secure your MV Application using SSL in UniData/UniVerse
  • Advanced MV Audit Logging
  • Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) Simplified
  • Automatic Data Encryption (ADE) Advanced Use Cases
  • Outpacing the modern world with MV Performance
  • Early Preview – MultiValue Performance Experience
  • Early Preview – MultiValue DevOps Experience
  • How to maximize your productivity with D3 Python
  • Introducing Rocket UOPY – a new Python Client for UniData/UniVerse dataservers
  • Making U2 Replication Work for You and Your Business
  • Best Practices for External Database Access (EDA) and Reporting
  • MVIS makes your MV app more flexible with Containerization (Docker Overview)
  • MVIS Container Orchestration Services with Kubernetes
  • Cloudy with a chance of MVIS (AWS)
  • Cloudy with a chance of MVIS (Azure)
  • Deep insights into your MV application API activity – MVIS Monitoring & Logging
  • What’s New in UniData 8.2.2

As you can see, this series will go well into the summer and beyond. And, while I don’t have dates yet, I will continue to schedule and invite you. If you don’t get the emails, check our events page for scheduled MVU virtual events.