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Rocket wIntegrate and Rocket AccuTerm Roadmap Updates

Hernando Borda

April 18, 2023

As we continue to hear from our thriving MultiValue community, we want to share a few updates to the roadmap of our Rocket MultiValue terminal emulation products wIntegrate and AccuTerm. Since the acquisition of AccuTerm from Zumasys, there has been a whirlwind of activity and feedback from our customers. We have been exploring a combined roadmap for the two products with a concept code-named MV TE. Many of you have been asking about it as well as the roadmap for wIntegrate and AccuTerm.

First, let’s address the questions about wIntegrate and AccuTerm. They will continue to exist as separate products and we expect customers will continue using both for the foreseeable future. We will fully support both AccuTerm and wIntegrate and provide Hot Fixes for critical issues as well as maintenance releases that include enhancements, OS certifications, and address bugs and security updates.

Based on feedback from you as well as our market assessment, we opted out of pursuing the MV TE concept. Several factors played into that decision but most importantly concerns about full feature support and migration of existing applications that rely on wIntegrate and AccuTerm heavily influenced our decision.

We have also been busy working on the products. The next release of AccuTerm is 8.1 is expected to GA in Q2. Rocket AccuTerm 8.1 includes many bug fixes and enhancements with an emphasis on enterprise deployment support and security. After the release of 8.1, we are planning wIntegrate 6.4.5 for release in the first half of 2024, that will include support of Windows 11 in addition to other enhancements and bug fixes.

For more details on these updates, we encourage you to read the accompanying FAQ and to join us for the Q2 2023 MultiValue webinar on April 26th.