Rocket wIntegrate 6.4.4: Product Announcement

Jeannette Shea

May 5, 2020

6.4.4 will help you and your team:

  • Present your users with a more appealing interface when you take advantage of customizable drop-down menu colors
  • Use Microsoft Office 2019 with confidence; wIntegrate Office Automation is certified on Microsoft Office 2019
  • Connect to multiple servers in the same wIntegrate session using the new Connection toolbar
  • Use Open JDK 8 with confidence; wIntegrate 6.4.4 now supports Open JDK 8
  • Set up ActiveX controls in Excel with the help of new information in the wIntegrate User Guide

And if you’re on a version of wIntegrate before 6.4.3, by upgrading to 6.4.4 you’ll also benefit from:

  • Presenting an orderly interface to your customers featuring horizontally or vertically aligned text and buttons within grid cells
  • Working faster thanks to the significantly increased file transfer speed and file transfer processes-nearly 15 times faster than in previous versions
  • Improving support of 64-bit Microsoft Office products via the new MAPI Bridge component
  • Having peace-of-mind due to secure SSH communications in the wIntegrate Scheduler
  • Opening the Scheduler without re-entering your login password
  • Creating modern-looking applications by adding buttons that can have both an image and caption. You can use the Extended Button control to create a ribbon-style menu for example.
  • Adding tooltips to function keys using a new parameter that’s part of the CreateFKeyBar function

These are just a few of the new features in wIntegrate. For a complete list, please see the Rocket wIntegrate 6.4.4 Release Notes. We hope you will find these enhancements and fixes beneficial to your organization.

If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Rocket wIntegrate, you can find additional information about this release, and download the release from

If you’re using Rocket wIntegrate but do not have an active maintenance agreement, your Rocket Software Account Executive can help you get current. If you do not know your Account Executive or would prefer to have someone contact you, please complete the contact form on the Rocket Software website, and we will contact you directly.