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Rocket Software’s Acquisition of B.O.S. Enhances Hybrid Cloud Modernization Solutions

Phil Buckellew

September 6, 2023

In 2023, organizations worldwide will continue to develop and implement modernization plans, with digital transformation spending estimated to reach $1.6 trillion globally. While new and innovative cloud solutions permeate the market, mainframe infrastructure remains essential to business operations. Today, over 70% of Fortune 500 companies data is stored on or is derived from the mainframe. The data held in mainframes is an invaluable source of insight for businesses across many industries including financial services, retail and healthcare, as well as major government agencies.

One significant advantage of the cloud is its ability to facilitate analytics and training for artificial intelligence, and in today's world, it is imperative organizations have the ability to leverage their mainframe data for such applications. Mission-critical organizations understand the importance of the cloud but fear such projects would require a complete upheaval of a company’s data and operations from the mainframe—a very expensive, risky and time-laden task that can create significant business disruptions.

Rocket Software eliminates these fears through its unique approach to mainframe modernization. Through modernizing in place with Rocket Software’s suite of innovative technologies, businesses can take advantage of advanced cloud capabilities while continuing to utilize the security and reliability of the mainframe. By eliminating the risks and costly disruptions of “rip and replace” projects, hybrid cloud infrastructure through mainframe modernization has become the preferred approach for mission-critical businesses that need insights from their most important data.

Combining Forces to Simplify Modernization

In its ongoing effort to simplify its customers’ modernization journeys, earlier this month, Rocket Software acquired B.O.S., a leading German-based software company that provides data integration solutions. B.O.S.’ flagship product, tcVISION, now called Rocket Data Replicate and Sync, will join Rocket Software’s portfolio of modernization products that add scale, flexibility and security to an organization’s existing infrastructure. The combination of Rocket Software’s existing solutions and B.O.S.’ technology will allow Rocket Software to offer its customers more complete solutions to their mainframe data and platform modernization challenges.

Rocket Software clients can now leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytical engines in cloud environments using mainframe data in near real-time without having to rewrite all their applications to run on the cloud.

The acquisition of B.O.S.:

  • Keeps core transaction processing workloads where they are, safe and secure on the mainframe, while benefiting from data replication to clouds where new applications and even generative AI models can be built simultaneously 
  • Securely stores, manages, controls, and replicates data between difficult-to-understand formats on the mainframe and public or private cloud in near real-time 
  • Provides a comprehensive data modernization solution when combined with Rocket’s Data Intelligence, Data Virtualization, and Cloud Storage products 
  • Allows customers to benefit from the mainframe's security and dependability while also taking advantage of the elasticity, specialized hardware, and as-a-Service offerings on the Cloud

Whether an organization needs a simple API or SQL access to current mainframe data, infrequent bulk moves of their data, or real-time data integration and replication, Rocket Software can now address these different hybrid cloud use cases with the combination of Rocket Software’s Data Virtualization and B.O.S.’ data replicate and sync technology.

The acquisition is another significant step forward for Rocket Software in its mission to simplify mainframe modernization. Rocket Software’s suite of Hybrid Cloud Solutions will further empower our clients to continue utilizing mainframe infrastructure while remaining at the forefront of innovation.