Rocket Software TMON-PA: A Proactive Approach to IT Support

Cecilia Martinez

For organizations working within heavily regulated, on-demand industries, both continuous operational uptime and access to data are paramount to business success—including within the financial services industry. In fact, 30% of enterprises claim that one hour of operational downtime costs the company anywhere from $1 – $5 million, according to an ITIC study—not to mention frustrated customers and business partners. 

The capacity to maintain twenty-four-seven uptime relies heavily on infrastructure and operations teams’ ability to oversee processes across the entire organization and take a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT support. That is why many of the largest enterprises worldwide count on Rocket Software and its TMON-PA infrastructure modernization solutions to eliminate business disruptions and achieve uninterrupted uptime. 

Rocket TMON-PA monitoring software provides infrastructure and operations teams with a holistic cross-platform view of capacity and planning for your entire enterprise—transcending departmental silos to enable teams to anticipate and eliminate capacity bottlenecks. 

Case Study: Enhancing end-to-end operations with TMON-PA

Banorte Financial Group is one of the most reputable names in the Mexican financial industry. As one of the four largest banks in Mexico with more than 1,200 branches, 7,200 ATMs and 5,200 certified commercial deposit locations, Banorte’s back and front-end operations required constant uptime to meet customer demands and maintain compliance. 

In 2008, Banorte faced several production issues along its mainframe’s Logical Partitions (LPARs) that were negatively affecting operations and productivity experience, as well as leaving the company vulnerable to regulatory infractions. At the time, Banorte’s outdated monitoring system provided an inadequate overview of the company’s LPARs, forcing Banorte’s Infrastructure team to guess the million instructions per second (MIPS)—used to determine the size and speed of an LPAR system—needed for each LPAR system and leaving operations vulnerable to CPU bottlenecks.

Banorte turned to Rocket TMON PA’s robust portfolio of management and capacity monitoring solutions. Working closely with Rocket Software experts, Banorte was able to quickly identify where and why operational delays were occurring using TMON-PA. The substantial uptick in financial transactions during busy banking hours (7:00 am – 3:00 pm) overwhelmed the LPARs’ performance capabilities, leading to CPU bottlenecks and batch delays. To solve this, Rocket Software and Banorte teamed up to modernize operations, implementing the TMON PA automated reporting tool to generate customized process reports to monitor each LPAR system in real-time. In doing so, Banorte could accurately determine the MIPS needed for each LPAR system to produce adequate mainframe capacity, mitigate CPU bottlenecks during busy hours and reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary spending on LPAR MIPS.  

Thanks to the historical monitoring capabilities of Rocket TMON PA, today, Banorte’s Infrastructure team can quickly detect and resolve any issues in the company’s mainframe operating systems problems before business disruptions occur. And, the software’s automated tracking and monitoring tools enable Banorte to forecast and take a proactive approach to IT support to mitigate risks and better support value streams that Banorte’s businesses and customers rely on the most.