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Rocket Software MV Modernization Strategy and Roadmap Review

Jeannette Shea

February 27, 2024

It’s a new year and the Rocket® MultiValue product management team is presenting a new format we’re calling the Rocket Software MV Modernization Strategy and Roadmap Review. At these sessions, the team will:

  • Review our modernization strategy for MV products and customers with a specific emphasis on key themes.
  • Present on both near-future and distant-future plans for our MV products, focusing on beta programs and results.
  • Host interactive Q&A sessions using Slido, an easy-to-use Q&A app, to make the event more engaging and collaborative.
  • Share more about new eLearning, including video shorts and what we plan to deliver next.
  • Share information about the Rocket Documentation Portal which now includes three AI-based features.

Please sign up for either of our sessions.

And don’t forget using your free account, you can always access the high-level roadmaps on the Rocket Forum.

We’ll see you on March 5th if you’re in the US or EMEA, and on March 6th, if you’re in APAC.