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Reflecting on Pride and Rocket Software’s Commitment to Inclusion and Self-Expression

Audrea Laffely

June 21, 2023

June marks Pride Month, a time of vibrant celebration, self-expression, and reflection for the LGBTQ+ community and us at Rocket Software. This period is a pivotal one, where we celebrate our collective achievements, honor our journey and advance conversations about the ongoing work ahead.

This month is an important time for us to reflect on Rocket Software's commitment to creating a workplace that radiates inclusivity and diversity and encourages authentic self-expression. Our core values—empathy, humanity, trust, and love—are not just principles but drivers of our actions, reinforcing our mission each day.

Innovation Springs from Diversity

In my role at Rocket Software, I have the privilege of collaborating with various cross-functional groups. And it’s this interaction that has reinforced my belief in how important diversity is to fueling innovation. A fusion of unique experiences, diverse perspectives, and distinct backgrounds is what ignites novel ideas, enabling us to be more innovative, empathetic, adaptable, and agile. By fostering an environment where each Rocketeer can confidently express their thoughts without fear of judgment, we lay the groundwork for challenging norms and fostering groundbreaking ideas.

Inclusion Lead by Leadership

Incorporating diversity and inclusion into our corporate goals sends a powerful message: these are not just values, but vital threads woven into Rocket Software's culture. Our leadership team’s active commitment to these principles drives our progress and ensures we consistently embody empathy, humanity, trust, and love in our daily actions.

As we commemorate Pride Month, let's remember to champion diversity, inclusion, and equality— not just during this month, but also in how we think about every aspect of our daily lives. Standing up for these values in the workplace cultivates a healthier, happier, and more productive environment for all— colleagues, employees, and the community we serve.

Happy Pride from all of us at Rocket Software! May this month serve as a vivid reminder of our shared commitment to fostering a work environment that truly celebrates diversity, inclusion, and innovation.