A new version of MVX: Performance, a free performance monitoring application for Rocket® UniVerse, now available

Mary Schulz

February 7, 2023

The Rocket MultiValue Performance Experience (MVX: Performance), a system monitoring application for Rocket UniVerse, helps you identify and resolve performance-impacting events. As MVX: Performance celebrates its one-year anniversary, we encourage you to try this free application.

  • MVX: Performance now monitors over 40 events. By identifying and evaluating issues, even complex or hidden ones, MVX: Performance Alerts help you and your DBAs quickly address performance impacting events. As a bonus, MVX: Performance also provides resolution guidance on your instances of UniVerse and higher versions of 11.3.x
  • The application provides administrators and DBAs with a single view into performance and makes it easy to keep track of events, user sessions, file and group locks, and host CPU/memory to ensure maximum performance.

The most recent release, MVX: Performance, includes a new feature that monitors thresholds, allowing you to:

  • View the default settings for all event thresholds
  • Set new thresholds preferred by the user
  • Automatically clear events either by thresholds parameters or time durations

In addition, provides new validation for MVAdmin for our users running Linux and AIX systems, simplifying MVX: Performance installation and registration, even with increased security permissions.  We’ve also made deregistering instances of MVX: Performance easier. Finally, for our Linux users, we’ve made a minor UI change that should eliminate confusion with “Memory”.

With the new features, now is a great time to explore the MultiValue Performance Experience!

Available now in RBC for our UniVerse customers on maintenance (and it’s free!) – order MVX: Performance today.

Check out the FAQ.