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MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS) 1.3.2 Is Available 

February 14, 2023

Rocket® MultiValue Integration Server continues to evolve as more users adopt it to create APIs to expose MultiValue data and business logic that enables developers to extend and modernize applications. We’re pleased to announce the release of MVIS 1.3.2 with new features and fixes. If you’re not familiar with MVIS, visit the MVIS webpage for more information on this powerful tool. 

Key features in MVIS 1.3.2 include: 

  • Support for passing request IDs in a REST payload header allows applications to improve logging and observability by associating individual MVIS calls to specific application requests.
  • Security is paramount to us and our customers, with each release we scan our software to ensure third-party components are up to date with critical fixes. 1.3.2 provides security updates to base components such as Swagger UI, the spring framework, spring boot and others.
  • Enhancements for deployment into Microsoft Azure. MVIS uses the Azure Service Bus for inter-process communication. To avoid naming collisions, version 1.3.2 now creates service bus topics using a UUID (universal unique ID) as part of the name, as well as periodically purges un-used topics to keep the environment tidy.
  • Added new operations to the MVIS admin API to allow developers more granular access to API metadata. 
  • Overall 40+fixes, enhancements, and documentation improvements.

MVIS 1.3.2 follows our commitment to release maintenance versions of MVIS on a semiannual basis. To learn more about MVIS 1.3.2, review the release notes. 

Visit RBC today to order MVIS 1.3.2 – free if your maintenance contract is active.