Maximizing Your Rocket® D3 Application

Kathy Larson

March 18, 2020

Written by John Bramley, NexusTek

On March 11th, NexusTek and Rocket presented a joint webinar on how to maximize your D3 application. If you were unable to join us, you can find a link to the recording as well as a PDF of the deck that Brian Cram and I presented at the end of this post.

In this post, I want to share why I decided to put this presentation together.

As I have worked with D3 customers, I realized that many of the organizations using D3 were not aware of some of the important features that have been added to D3 over the years. These features offer many benefits, which Brian and I covered in the webinar. If you’re running on an older D3 release such as D3 9.0, D3 7.5 or older, this blog post and the webinar are for you!

I know many of you have applications that just run on your D3 system and don’t require much in the way of application changes. In addition, you don’t see the benefit of an upgrade – out of sight, out of mind. Here’s the problem; over time, less attention is paid to the D3 system, which I know first-hand will eventually lead to a system failure and a disruption to business, including lost revenue. You can pay less now to keep your D3 system upgraded or pay a lot more later if the system fails.

It is important to make time to do a periodic review of your D3 system and schedule a D3 upgrade to keep your system running at full capacity. Please take the time to reach out to your Rocket partner to schedule a review of your D3 system. If you don’t know who your Rocket partner is, please contact Rocket at [email protected].

I invite you to listen to the recorded webinar, review the deck or both. We cover the reasons to upgrade and highlight some of the important features that have been added to D3 in key areas including security, data integration, performance and disaster recovery.

Please note that with each new release of D3 there has been continued focus on overall stability and performance.

We finish with a review of the features added in D3 10.3.1.

I hope you’ll take the time to listen to the webinar and then set aside time to upgrade your D3 system.

If your D3 system hasn’t been updated in years, you seriously need to consider having the system reviewed and upgraded. As Brian says, “It’s a lot easier to change your oil than to replace your engine.”

I’m also making the deck we presented available.

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