Learn all about the D3 MVS Toolkit and MultiValue Server Protocol (MVSP)

Brian Cram

September 13, 2022

MVSP is the MultiValue Server Protocol that the Toolkit uses to connect to D3 and mvBase.

Want to learn more? In just under 90 minutes you can learn all about installation, configuration, and debugging of MVSP and the MVS Toolkit. Even better – you can spend only a few minutes a day. Brian Cram, Rocket Software’s D3 tech support guru for the MVS Toolkit, has made over a dozen short, easy to consume videos. So, you can watch one when you have only a few minutes. Before you know it, you’ll have learned a lot.

Brian has summarized his years of experience into this series of videos, sharing his knowledge on the subject. He’s even put them in order. Ready to watch the first one? If so, CLICK HERE to get to the playlist on the Rocket Software YouTube channel and make sure you have approximately 3 minutes!

Hopefully this video series will help you understand the tools better and just maybe help you fix any problems or ( better yet ) avoid having those problems in the first place!